Katrina Freno

Katrina Freno is the most well received trainer in Easton Professional Training. She has not only acquired spectacular knowledge of English language per se but also has rich experience in English teaching. She has obtained her advanced diploma in TESOL and currently is studying for her master degree in applied linguistics. Katrina has been striving to impart her knowledge to students for almost a decade, with 4 year experience in general English and teacher training and 5 year experience in IELTS training.


At present, Katrina is devoted all herself to IELTS training as she really wants to help international students to gain a better and smoother life in Australia. Her commitment and hard work have indeed assisted a great number of students to achieve their goals with their IELTS study, Speaking and Writing in particular. The tremendous success of her students is also the source of her great pleasure.


Katrina is an approachable and personable individual who believes as a trainer is about commitment, devotion and most of all providing students an opportunity to fulfil their dreams.



Rae was raised in Beijing and has been in Australia for seven years. She completed her BA in English in China in 2002 and her MA in Commerce at the University of Sydney in 2007. Rae began her English teaching career when she was attending uni; her first ever student told her that she was the best English teacher she has ever had, which became her motivation to devote herself to teaching. Rae has now been teaching English for 13 years.

In 2005, Rae took her first IELTS test and from that moment she has had this unknown bond with IELTS in both studying and training. She decided to share her knowledge and experience with whoever needs it by becoming an IELTS trainer in 2009.  An endless source of satisfaction for Rae is witnessing her students progress and achieve their goals just as she did a few years ago.  She has a particular fondness for teaching the speaking portion of the exam.  Rae’s dream is to make life in Australia as smooth and as happy for as many students as possible by helping to improve their English skills

Rae is an enthusiastic and easy-going person, which also shows in her teaching style. She hopes her passion for English training will help to open the doors of opportunity for her students and broaden their horizons. It is her sincere hope that students will be positively influenced by what she has to offer.


Dean Goodchild

Dean Goodchild is a 26 year old sales professional from Australia. He studied an undergraduate double degree in marketing and management at Avondale College. Since graduating he has worked in Sydney as a Business Development Executive for NCS International and as an Import Coordinator for Australasian Mail Services. He has honed strong written communication skills preparing sales proposals and tenders. He has also had the opportunity to employ presentation skills to pitch and present new sales initiatives.

Through his working experience in sales, Dean has fostered extraordinary ability of language and interpersonal communication, which kindled his ambition to be an English teacher. And his ambition was realized by becoming an IELTS teacher. Till today, Dean has been teaching IELTS for years. His efforts as a teacher are recognized by his colleagues and appreciated by his students.

Dean also has a passion for the hospitality industry and intends to pursue further tertiary study. His thirst for knowledge and zest for a teaching career have infused vitality and energy into Easton trainer team and made students realize that studying could be such a delight.

Rita Guo

After finished my undergraduate study of English Literature in China, I went for two exchange programs in United States and Canada.

My speech and Communication study in the United States armed me with necessary communication skills, and the Interpersonal Communication study in Canada prepared me with interpersonal teaching approaches. Meanwhile, the social experience I had in the United States and Canada provided me a great oppotunity to broaden my herizon and understand the western culture.

After I finished my postgraduate study of Translation and Interpreting, I am doing a futher study of Conference Interpreting in Macquarie University. These two studies not only enhanced my interpreting skills and strain capacity, but also provided me updated interpreting practice materials and teaching recources, which I can use in my teaching.
With these background, knowledge, skills, and years of teaching experience, I believe that with our joint effort, I can help you achieve your goal!


Having graduated as a Batchelor of English Language, Master of Interpreting and Translation and Master of Conference Interpreting, I am confident that my level of English and language conversion expertise enable me to identify the various forms of flaws from students in their English<>Chinese conversion which lies in the core of second language acquisition, interpreting and translation.

As a free-lance professional interpreter and translator, and, of course, English trainer, I believe my overall experience can provide my students the knowledge, language solution and guidance they need.

Finally, teaching is learning. I wish to improve my level of English together with you guys and I like making new friends.

So, Join Flight, join Easton. Let’s all get better at English and have fun!


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